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Kitchen Remodeling

Discover the beauty and functionality of custom kitchen cabinetry by Woodlife.

We make the most of small spaces, creating unique and beautiful areas that meet your special needs and make your kitchen the heart of your home.

With styles, craftsmanship and pricing to complement your individual lifestyle, a new kitchen by Woodlife can increase your enjoyment and add to the value of your home.

At Woodlife, we bring dream kitchens to life!

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Bathroom Renovation

Whether you're renovating an existing bathroom or installing a new one, Woodlife combines quality with endurance, appeal and value. Bathroom cabinetry needs to be both beautiful and hard working. That's why your bathroom cabinetry is one of the most important decisions you'll make when it comes to designing your house.

Let us take a look at your bathroom plans. Tell us all about how you want your space to work for you, and we'll create cabinetry to fit your plans and your budget.

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Cabinets & Furniture

We also build bookcases, desks, credenzas, computer work stations and any other specialty piece needed in an unlimited variety of materials and finishes.

"My cabinets keep attracting the most complements I still get of my house, the warm feeling and the wonderful craftsmanship - makes my house feel an oasis, every reason to enjoy." - K.T. -Albuquerque, NM

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Crafted Doors

What better first impression for arriving guests than a custom crafted door or gate by Woodlife!

We blend traditional values and Old World craftsmanship with state-of-the-art equipment and contemporary simplicity to create unique Southwest, Shaker & European designs that are visually striking and fully functional.

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Custom Woodworking

  • Functionality and Design are considered in each piece.
  • Blending is used to create an heirloom of time.
  • We build custom cabinets, armoires, hutches, buffets, tables, chairs, entertainment centers, wall closets, doors, unique and specialty items.
  • We build fine furniture for kitchens, living rooms, TV media centers, home offices, libraries, bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, entrance ways and alcoves.
  • Styling - Traditional to Contemporary to Old World Styles.
  • Techniques - Old Technique Joinery to Custom Construction to Modern Assembly.
  • Woods - cherry, maple, walnut, oak, alder, pine and veneers are elements in our timeless pieces.
  • Finishes using stains, glazes, paints, topcoats and sealants.
  • Hand Carving is our specialty.
  • Craftsmanship is our distinction.
  • Value is our tradition
  • All of the above is also offered in ecological sustainable lumber and finishes - see 'Green Cabinetry'

Fine Furniture Design and Construction...

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What is Green Cabinetry?

Our Green Cabinets are free from ureaformaldehyde resin and made of sustainable hardwoods, woods harvested by certified methods which protect the sustainability of the trees and the industry that depends on them. The ahesives, finishes, paint & sealants we use are either low in or simply have no VOC (volatile organic compounds) at all, which is beneficial to the increasing number of children & adults with chemical sensitivites. The finished product is beautiful, healthy and good for the planet.

'Green Cabinets are our Specialty'

Determining the Provenance and Quality of "Green Cabinetry”
A.G. Enyart March 20, 2008

It is the provenance of materials used to create a cabinet’s box, drawers, and doors, as well as the quality of the adhesives, finishes, sealants and paint that determines the degree of green that a cabinet has achieved.

A cabinet box is green, if it is free of urea-formaldehyde resins. These resins are commonly used in plywood, particleboard, medium density fiberboard (MDF), and particleboard adhesives. The resins may release formaldehyde gas, a carcinogen, into homes. See, Stefani Hines article, “Invisible Threat” at www.greenbuildermag.com , December 2007, p.59-60. Many manufacturers have been addressing this issue by replacing formaldehyde with a soy-based protein binder – at no extra charge to the consumer.

Particleboard and MDF contains more adhesives than plywood. Most particleboards incorporate some recycled content of varying quantities. Particleboard is heavy, more fragile than wood and it crumbles when exposed to water. The presence of recycled materials is credited as being green.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certifies the provenance of wood products from a sustainable source. FSC veneered plywood performs better and for a longer time, albeit at a greater initial investment than particleboard and MDF. Certified wood can be more expensive than non-certified wood. Visit www.sfiprogram.org for more information on sustainable forestry participants using the FSC label.

Cabinet boxes, drawers and doors are the second criteria a consumer can use to determine the cabinet’s degree of green. The green cabinet box, drawers and doors are either built from hardwood or it has a hardwood frame with a formaldehyde-free center panel.

Regionally sourced American hardwoods, sustainably minimizes the gas and oil to get the product to you, but like traditionally sourced hardwoods, it does not guarantee that it was harvested sustainably. These hardwoods tend to be less expensive than their certified counterparts. Wood products that are rapidly renewable and sustainably harvested in Europe are being increasingly used in the United States.

In addition to environmental and health benefits there are other benefits in purchasing greencabinetry. Green cabinetry can earn credit under the NAHB Model Green Home Building Guidelines, and green millwork and cabinetry can contribute to LEED certification in various categories. Talk with your building contractor, financial advisor or CPA, and your Realtor for more information and visit LEED at www.usgbc.org and NAHB at www.nahb.org.

Adhesives, finishes, paint, and sealants are the third criteria to determine how green are the cabinetries. Low or no VOC products are used in green cabinetry. VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) are chemicals that are typically outgassed from these products. Like formaldehyde, exposure to VOC’s can produce negative health effects. Applications of low-VOC finish and paint require more skill, and labor to apply. One green myth is that water-based finishes do not have VOC’s. There are many water-based finishes that are not low-VOC. For more information on health issues see, www.epa.gov.

There are four basic questions consumers should pose to their green cabinetmaker. (1) Ask for information as to the origination of the wood, and whether those companies practice sustainable harvesting techniques. (2) Specify, if you want FSC or regionally produced products, and whether or not there will be an additional cost for those products. (3) Ask about the level of VOC’s in the finishes, paint, sealants and adhesives and whether there will be an additional cost for the lowest level of VOC’s that are available on the market. (4) You should ask your cabinetmaker for recommendations of green products to clean and protect your investment in green cabinetry. Award winning custom craft Woodlife Cabinets owner Gorky Pacha has the answers to your questions. Call Gorky today at (505) 877.8117 and post www.woodlifecabinets.com as a favorite site for answers and updates on going green sustainably.

Your and other consumer’s environmental philosophy and concern for the increasing number of children and adults with chemical sensitivities are transforming green cabinetmakers and their suppliers. Knowledge of the provenance and quality of materials determines not only the degree of green that the cabinetry has achieved for the interior of a home, but its sustainability in an internal and external environment.

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Entertainment Centers

A built-in entertainment center or bar is an investment in your home the entire family will enjoy. Second only to the kitchen, these are the places where company gathers to play and relax.

In addition to the fine quality wall units and home entertainment centers with rich finishes, we use only state of the art heavy duty pullouts, hardware and swivels.

This ensures years of trouble-free convenience.

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Armoires & Hutches

We specialize in the custom design and building of closets, armoires, and wall units. Our closets are configured to meet the individual's needs while offering a variety of organizational units.

One can choose from a spectrum of storage systems, including drawers, shelves, hanging sections, and interior cabinets. Units are made from only high quality materials for an attractive presentation and a well-constructed product.

Our closets are configured to meet the individual's needs while offering a variety of organizational units.

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China Cabinets

Exquisite and beautiful china cabinets, hutches and collectors' display cabinets by Woodlife are destined to be a woodworking focal point of your dining room, den or living room area. We offer you a wide array of lighted, mirrored, glass, and closed door shelf and drawer designs. Your personal style is reflected in your selection.

A handcrafted corner china cabinet is more than a functional piece of furniture; it is a timeless way to display your treasured family heirlooms or collectibles.

Woodlife's china cabinets and hutches are one-of-a-kind designs that add the ultimate touch of elegance to your home.

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At Woodlife, we bring dream kitchens to life!

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Custom Work

Fine Furniture Design and Construction

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Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling